Collection Autumn-Winter 2023/2024

Black bubble wrap, printed linocut by Annette Hecht-Bauer, Modefachschule Sigmaringen, heat-pressed to denim fabric. Embroidered with Pfaff Creative Icon 2. Realisation: Reiner Knochel

Things are getting better. Or are things getting worse ?

Can we go back to normal ? Do we want to go back to normal ? Can we afford to go back to what seemed to be normal ?

Questions we are confronted with every day. We have to learn that our life was probably too convenient in the past decades. Is it really necessary to buy oranges which are peeled already and wrapped in plastic ? To name just one of the most stupid examples of our modern world.

The exhibition „Plastic – Remaking our World“ in the Vitra design museum (till 4th of September 2022) showed the development of plastic from its invention till today. We love it and we use(d) too much of it. This is just one example showing us where we are today and that we all, in the industry as well as in the private lifes, can’t just continue like we did in the past. Brands are discovering ways how to avoid plastic or how to use and re-use plastic materials.

People are thinking a lot and they rediscover the past and its great old hand-made techniques which inspire todays design. Origami techniques are coming back ! Especially when using viscose threads for embroidery, it is easy to achive depth in a design even in one single colour. Just by changing the stitch direction, the light reflects differently, like on a folded paper…

Hairy looks are very important, designs must not be too clean and simple. Natural and wild appearance in offwhite Fringes and loops are everywhere. Dare to be imperfect ! Have you ever tried embroidered fringes ? it is very easy and you customers will love it !

We want to protect ourselves from whatever, so we love to layer our garments. Sometimes it’s too hot, sometimes too cold, so it is easy if you have one layer more with you… Embroidery techniques also offer stunning possibilities to bring a 3D look to your fabrics and cloths and as you see on the images, many of these design need few stitches only…

Silver and Black will be quite dominant in this collection as well as white and offwhite. These neutral colours offer us a lot of room to let the colours and fabrics act.

Using effect seams and playing with visible mending techniques enrich also the most simple and clean fabrics by showing the customers your love for details.

Have a colourful and succesful new collection !

All photos : Reiner Knochel

Reiner Knochel – Textile Experience – August 2022