SULKY – a glamorous sheen for glamorous appearances

What really counts in a top quality thread

The viscose embroidery thread SULKY by GUNOLD is a very special embroidery thread. SULKY is made exclusively from pure, high-quality European brand viscose and offers a very natural and extremely glamorous sheen. Predestined for a luxurious look in embroidery and decorative seams, this top thread should be the first choice for classy appearances. Best of all: SULKY is one of the most sustainable products in the GUNOLD product range, certified Ökotex Standard 100 and also vegan!

It consists of 100% viscose, which is obtained from ecologically regenerative forests. The company ENKA, based in Obernburg, Germany, produces filament yarns from it, which are then processed into SULKY in Europe. The fineness and precision of the quality viscose gives a unique depth to logos or embroidery designs embroidered with it. Like silk, SULKY is soft and naturally shiny, an embroidery thread that can be used whenever and is wonderful to work with – whether on the embroidery or sewing machine. The only thing the natural product viscose does not like is chlorination. Everything else it manages with flying colors and so SULKY fulfills all modern washing properties and is also boil-proof. The fiber is light and yet has a high tensile strength.

Always the right shade

With 390 colors, SULKY offers a color spectrum that leaves nothing to be desired. For unusual effects, the 55 ombré and multicolor shades are recommended. Speaking of color: here, too, SULKY keeps its promise as a quality thread. High lightfastness and color fastness ensure that the selected color always remains exactly the same and this for a very, very long time, even after numerous wash cycles. For embroideries with a unique level of sheen, softness and depth as desired in women’s wear, men’s wear, kids’ wear and sportswear with quality demands, SULKY is and remains the right choice. Just try it out! For more information, visit www.gunold.de/en

SULKY is a favorite with both embroiderers and end-users around the world, thanks to its excellent softness.

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