Collection Summer 2024 – Trends in Embroidery and Textile Decoration

Right on time for the start of 2023, Pantone presented their eagerly awaited colour of the year. „Viva Magenta“ is a bright reddish hue meant to express power, joy, hope and energy. Let’s take these motivating expressions with us when taking a look to the trends for the summer 2024 collection.

Flowers always work, do you agree ? We’ll see a lot of them in Summer 2024, spreading out zest for life and relaxed summer feelings. Embroidery is a wonderful tool to interpret this trend, especially if the wide range of digitizing options is used.

Where there are flowers there are bugs and insects. Provided with positive messages, they are flying and crawling across sustainable fabrics and materials.

Lets stay in nature:

White, off-white, shades of brown and all kinds of natural hues are becoming more and more important. But the fabric’s structure and surface appearance should be more raugh, wild and untamed. The naturalness and the very special hand of cotton fabrics is appreciated. If possible, real organic materials, flowers or straw, are used as well.

Denim is always a popular summer topic. It is a wonderful material to experiment both in styling and in finishing. These might be the reasons why jeans are making a real comeback in summer 2024. Pimping denim with effect seams, embroidery, appliqué or other kinds of textile manipulation is very trendy. We see it both with the new collections of the big and famous brands as well as with the end-users, going through their wardrobe to look for garments which have never been worn in years.

Upcycling at its best ! The following pictures show a noble wool shirt. Moth holes were repaired using woolen threads and a simple heat press…  

Besides animal designs, also faces are used to decorate our garments. After all the omnipresent „One Line Art“ designs, these new faces urge for more diversity and variety.

Transparency, transparency, transparency – this trend theme is a must in summer 2024. We’ll see it in all its aspects: transluscent and transparent materials, fabrics, trims and threads, also in combination with glossy and pearlescent effects.

Gold, warm spice colours and vibrant multicolour variations enrich the collections with style and diversification.

Degradé / colour gradient effects – if woven, printed or (of course !) embroidered – ennoble garments and fabrics in a very sophisticated way. In embroidery, it is a perfect way to show experience and expertise…

Of course we won’t miss a breeze of „smart textile“ in summer 2024. Airy and super light embroidery, subtle and noble in daylight, surprising and eye-catching at night by using glow in the dark effect embroidery.

Concluding this trend overview, let’s take a look to an all time favorite – the heart design. It is back but please, play with it. Use it in layers, rough, alienated, imperfect, never to sweet and smooth. The samples shown here are made using the hip hand printing technique:

We wish you a colourful, surprising and succesful new collection with lots of positive spirit !

All photos : Reiner Knochel

Reiner Knochel – Textile Experience – December 2022