The Gunold Laser Cutting Service converts your template into perfect laser-cut parts.
We can cut the material you send in or you can choose from fabrics we have in stock.
We have been offering the laser cutting service for over 15 years. During this time we collected a lot of knowledge and know-how,
in order to be able to precisely laser your materials and templates.



Laser cutting also offers numerous advantages when processing textile materials such as cotton or synthetic fibers for the fashion industry or vehicle interiors: On the one hand, the contact-free processing can greatly reduce material stress and, on the other hand, fusing of the cut edges is prevented by fusing.


We offer you a service of cutting adhesive and heat seal labels, numbers and shapes. Fabrics can be supplied by the customer or selected from our range. Shapes of any complexity and combination can be cut with large or small orders. Cost is based on size, complexity and tissue to be cut. Using applique shapes can cut the stitches in a design, reducing both production and design costs. We use the running stitch or vector file to cut the shape in the desired fabric. On your embroidery machine your applique placement guide will be sewn, simply peel and pinch off the paper tray. The shape is then pushed completely through the satin stitch.

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Foams & Gaskets
Paper carton
Fleeces & Filters

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