Collection Autumn / Winter 2024 / 2025

Trends in Embroidery and Textile Decoration (Text and Photos: Reiner Knochel)

The fashion and textile world is still shaped by lots of contrast which will be visible in the autumn / winter collection 2024 / 2025. Caused by worlwide crises, people long for harmony and beauty on one side and wishing change and upheaval on the other. Colours are sometime harmonic and quiet, sometimes wild and provocative. Coming to the materials, there is a trend to use mono materials, this means for example on a cotton shirt, only threads and accessories from cotton are used. But there are at the same time very hybrid elements in the collection, bringing diversion and change in to materials, techniques and colours. As usual, we invite you to take a look to the possible translations and uses of these influences in embroidery and textile decoration: Nature meets artificial material – in the following example, real leafs and blossoms were covered with a left-over plastic foil by using a heat press.

Playing with volumes is very important when it comes to fabrics and the cut used for a garment. Seams, embroidery and other embellishment techniques offer inexhaustable creative possibilities.

Another big topic for all fashion brands, no matter which price segment they belong to, is upcyling and the use of fabric and accessory left-overs, second choice or damaged goods from former collections. The samples shown here are made by using old felt samples and damaged embroidery patches. Eyecatching new designs are created uing the embossing technique and a heat press ! The resulting relief becomes a surprisingly cool design object.

Moss, hairy looks, wooly effects, fringes and cords as well as feltings are dominating the next trend theme. Warm and voluminous feels and a soft touch provide structure and character to the garments.

Sustainable, organic materials are well established in fashion and there are new developments with interesting haptic and visual appearance coming to the markets every season. Worth to discover these:

„Retro“ is still en vogue. It’s the 80s, it’s the 90’s – both decades inspire today’s design with colours and styles:

Variegated effects and degradé looks will be strong – glossy and glittery as well as matt…

Less is more in embroidery – effects are achieved by using smart digitizing technology and know-how, as shown in the following sample: During the day, the design shows a matt lilac hue and in the night the same design surpises with a mystic glow in the dark look…

Luxury is booming. Despite the financial crisis, the big international fashion brands constantly announce new sales records . Gold will be seen everywhere – on fabrics as well as with the textile accessories and decorations. Elaborated and extravagant in precious hand-guided embroidery work on velvet as well as noble and discreet on pure cotton.

Traditional techniques and themes are interpreted in a new look. Here in the following samples, the cross-stitch which we know well from hand embroidery is redesigned with interesting digitizing and looks more voluminous and innovative.

How will you shape your new collection ? We are very curious about it and wish you lots of fun and succes !

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